Chaselyn Roderick

Chaselyn Roderick



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ACTIVATED: Available on Amazon! In the quiet town of Joshua, a secret community exists that 18 year old Tess James knows nothing about- until the day a painful sensation erupts in her chest. The first of many signs that her life is changing forever. She is plunged into the secret world of the Munera, a race of power-wielding super-humans, and is instantly faced with enemies she didn’t know she had and a war she never knew existed. The dangers of the Munera Society and their leader, the Salvator, suddenly become a deadly threat to her. An unexpected ally offers to hide her, but his protection is short-lived as she discovers he isn’t at all who he portrays himself to be. As Tess works to unravel the mysteries of her past, her friends and family become snared in the chaos. How much of herself is she willing to lose in her search for answers? And how many people will she be forced to sacrifice before she accepts that some secrets are best left undiscovered.

99% DOWN: Available on Amazon! No one was ready for the end of the world. Technically, I guess it isn’t over yet... because I’m still here. My dad used to say we were the lucky ones, and I believed him. We had survived the ‘solution’. A vaccine the government had created and given us no chance to refuse. A drug that ultimately mutated and eliminated 99% of the population. The world might not have ended, but most of us that are left wish it had. My name is Rowan Keys. I had a family once. But now, it’s just me. My dad said we were the lucky ones. That wasn’t true. I’m just part of the 1% left waiting to die.

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