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I’ve loved literature and art as long as I can remember. I wrote and “published” my first book in 4th grade, and our school librarian even put a copy in the library. It was exhilarating to see students reading my work! I guess you could say that’s what set my dream of becoming an author in stone. I love my family, and crazy as it is, enjoy spending time at home. We’re a pretty boring bunch, but there is nothing better than hanging out with them, watching Netflix and eating popcorn. When I was younger, I spent some time acting and modeling with the Kim Dawson Agency. I was even able to get a small role on Barney, but that’s about the extent of my “Hollywood” fame! I loved spending time on the sets, and I met some really interesting and inspiring people during my time there. But it was the stories written behind the scenes that caught my interest even more than becoming the characters. My life thus far has been insanely rewarding and full of acceptance, even if it wasn’t always easy. My parents divorced when I was in 2nd grade, and that was a pretty rough time for me. However, they both moved on and I was lucky enough to grow my family to include an amazing stepdad and brother. And while the split caused some difficult changes, I now had two sides of my family and even more people loving me and encouraging my dream. My dad died when I was in 6th grade, and I cannot imagine a worse day or thing to experience. Every day is still hard without him, but I am so blessed to have had the time with him I did. He loved me unconditionally and thought I hung the moon. Writing definitely became an outlet for me throughout the emotional years of junior high, and I completed my first copy of Activated during this time. The original (which I still have, and it is humiliating to reread) is very different from the final copy. My mom still likes to bring it out and embarrass me by reading passages from it. Aside from writing, I love drawing, music, welding, and food (especially Mac and Cheese). I’m also a cheerleader, and I love spending time with my squad and my best friends who are also on the team. I truly have no idea where I will end up after high school. I hope to go to college, and I definitely want to continue writing. My fear is that I won’t succeed as a writer, but I’ve come to terms with accepting that I can only do my best! With so much effort and passion going into these books from all parties involved, I truly hope others will enjoy it as much as I do. I’m so excited to open my “Abnormal” world to you. I look forward to hearing your thoughts, questions, and ideas. I practically LIVE within my books, so I can’t wait to have more people to share the experience with. If you enjoy Activated, be on the lookout for the next in the Genesis Series: Crazed. And if you really love my writing, I hope to be releasing a new series titled 99% Down soon. Happy Reading! 

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Chaselyn R.

Chaselyn Roderick was born and raised in the great state of Texas. Her love for books developed early on, starting with Goodnight Moon, and growing as she discovered series like the Magic Tree House, Harry Potter, and Gone. She was particularly inspired by the writing of Rick Riordan. She aspired to become an author in elementary school after being influenced by several teachers, and started writing her debut novel at 11 years old. When Chaselyn is not writing, she can be found shell hunting at the beach, welding in shop class, and leading her high school cheerleading squad. She also enjoys cooking and drawing, and loves doing special effects makeup. She currently lives in South Texas with her family and three dogs, along with a herd of cats. After graduation, she hopes to attend college and continue working towards her dreams to spend her life doing what she loves...writing.